Download Minecraft PS3

Download Minecraft ps3

  Download minecraft ps3

Download Minecraft PS3 Edition NOW !

Download Minecraft ps3

We’re the only website in the market that let you download Minecraft ps3 Edition without any fees , yes , Minecraft PS3 forFREE , because we support the Playstation 3 Community since 2010, and we too, are a Playstation 3 players. We hope MinecraftPlaystation 3 Edition will make you enjoy every minute spend on the game , and let you share your crafting experience with your friends and family.

Download Minecraft on PS3 now !

Minecraft PS3 Edition is simply amazing , with his natural graphics , and colors variety , you can explore the huge amazing world of the game without any limit on your PS3 , alone or with your friends or mates !

Minecraft PS3 Download is easy to do , and you can install the game after that by following the easy steps included in the Downloadable content , of your Minecraft PS3 folder .

Download minecraft ps3

Download Minecraft ps3

This Minecraft PS3 Edition version has bee tested on Playstation 3 , Fat and Slim , and it’s working awesomely well . We’ve installed it on the PS3 HDD using a USB cable , and all what we had to do , is to copy the Minecraft PS3 files from the PC to our Playstation 3 to get our hands on the game , and enjoy Minecraft on PS3  for free .
Download minecraft ps3
Well done ! Now you have just completed the Download minecraft PS3 for free step , and you’re ready to install Minecraft on Playstation 3 in few and easy steps ! Yes , believe it , the whole job is done , you can know enjoy the awesome gameplay of Minecraft PS3 Edition , and join your friends on PSN to share Minecraft for PS3 crafts , worlds , and new maps exclusively on Playstation 3.

Minecraft PS3 download FREE | Official… target=”_blank”>MinecraftPS3download

Play Minecraft on Playstation 3 !



6 comments to Download Minecraft PS3

  • James  says:

    Thanks a lot , i’ve been waiting for this release since Xbox’s one , i couldn’t handle the fact that Mojong company choosed to satisfy the XBOX community and left the PS one … But anyway , i’ve put my hands on it yesterday , and i’m very glad of this website project , thx for letting us download Minecraft PS3 edition , it’s an amazing project for Playstation 3 !

  • Alfred  says:

    It took me 10 minutes to install the whole game and last updates to my PS3 , i’m glad this project have been finally released , thx !

  • stud26  says:

    FINALLY ! Thanks !

    • admin  says:

      Glad you’re enjoying your game :p

  • repack  says:

    Awesome job , the setup files are friendly packaged , got me a little bit of effor to make it works , but at least it’s WORKING xD
    Can anyone tell me how to activate the updates ? i got rid of that multiplayer map :(

  • MineMine  says:

    Have you ever heard about USB Transfert ? -_- you’ll find the Update files in the same folder that you used for the installation , just extract the whole file on your desktop , and copy to your usb and then to you PS3 …
    Btw , i recommend this game to all the ps3 community , made it possible , good game to all :p

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